В последните месеци работихме здраво! Въпреки това намерихме време и посетихме Robotics Strategy Forum 2019, като една добра инициатива в България. Тук ще намерите снимки от събитието, резултатите от проучването, както и линк към видеата от конференцията.
Приятно разглеждане!


Alex is a General Manager for Warehouse Automation at Ocado Technology, overseeing the research, development and support of the pioneering software and systems that power the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP). With over 10 years of experience in leading advanced robotics, machine learning, and simulation teams, Alex played an important role in developing OSP’s proprietary automation warehouse and cutting-edge IP. Recent career highlights include the successful award of two EU Commission funded robotics research projects, working with several high-profile European universities. He is a leading AI and robotics expert and his insights have been reported in leading media outlets, such as QConLondon, Wired, and the BBC. Before joining Ocado in 2010, Alex developed real-time safety monitoring systems for clients such as the Royal Navy. Alex began his career in the aerospace industry, having studied mechanical engineering and computer science at Edinburgh University. More on https://www.robostrategy2019.para.exp… –- PARA is a tech NGO connecting robotics and automation companies, service providers, NGOs, research institutions and industrial zones. Our mission is to showcase their success stories and help attract the partnerships, talent and capital necessary for them to grow. https://www.para.expert/

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